July 4th

The day began with 2 rain delays before work began.  Kristin moved her insect tents and Jennifer, Zeke, Mia, Evan and John finished the phenology at P2 and cut randomly selected Echin heads.  It was a very short work day followed by the annual Independence Day picnic moved from Elk Lake to the farmhouse with members of Stuart’s family and Team Echinacea.  Since the workday was short, here’s a little diddy:


A Day in the Life of Team Echin

(disclaimer – some words and names may have been spelled incorrectly but intentionally)


I’m leaving for work wife says “wow you smell purdy”

I say “thank you dear its sunscreen, SPF 30”


The Hjelm House, P8 and P2 and P1,

The Farmhouse, G3 and G2 and G1


Ticks, Chiggers, and mosquitoes

and Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos


Evan, Anna, Brigid, Kristin and Morgan,

Citrus lanatus we love Stuart’s watermelon


Hydrate with water, put on your sunscreen and boots

What’s for supper tonight and who’s cooking at the roost


Visors, toothpicks, Twist Ties and Flags,

Proposals, projects, task forces and flogs


Wagenius, Reed, Dykstra and Shaw

Angustifolia, Purpea and Pallidaw


College of Wooster in Ohio with Zeke

Groupme, Dropbox, Twitter and Tweeks


Hegg Lake, Staffanson, Stevens and Landfill

PB and mustard sandwiches at lunch with Michaill


Team norms, teamwork, go team and efficiency,

Before you go please sync the visors Ryley


Jennifer, Amy, Evan, Andy, John VK and Mia

You see now Stuart “its not about Echina Cia”


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