July 7: Welcome Back Sunshine!

This morning we were excited to see the sunshine again! The haze of the Canadian fires has obscured the sun the past week or so, lulling us into a false perception that we didn’t have to wear sunscreen! Some of the team fell into the trap, and ended the day with sunburnt necks after a day of heads bent down in search of Echinacea. This morning we did half of the phenology routes, and finishing up GPSing. Danny and Stuart have been hard at work consolidating the GPS data to create maps that we can use to help speed up the phenology process, and corroborate tag data to increase accuracy. After lunch many people worked on their independent projects. Will, Ben, and I headed to Hegg Lake. Ben got to work staking out plots to be used for seed collection. Will and I continued working on P2, and even found a plant that was on its first day of flowering (eek!). We all made good progress today, and are looking forward to finishing up tagging plants so we can begin phenology to ensure we do not miss any flowering Echinacea!

Ben's sunshiney view at Hegg!


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