Landfill: Our Story (Johanna, Sophia and Lindsey)

First day of the field season! Today we visited Landfill East and West for the first day directed observation! Our first obstacle was entering the landfill gate and attempting to pass a truck leaving the site. Once we were inside the gates, we soon realized why the sites were named Landfill when we were met with a putrid smell. To get to the prairie remnants, we walked (with big strides) through tall grass filled with damselflies along the tree line.

First, we worked on using our visors (tiny personal computers from the 90s) to document our observations.

Next, we drew out a basic map of the site! We included the two sites, the fence line, the tree line, the many rocks, and more. We also noted examples of cool-season grasses (like brome and poa), legumes (like leadplant), and forbs (like milkweed). We also tried to look for some warm-season grasses, but found it difficult at this point in the season.

We compared both sites and noted the differences between Landfill East and West. One notable difference is that Landfill West was recently burned! Johanna also demonstrated proper walking technique through the prairie.

On our way out, we stopped to say hi to some cow friends! Then, we returned to the Hjelm house to write our flog post to conclude our first day on Team Echinacea. Woo!


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