Meet Team Echinacea East:

Hello flog long time no see!

Team Echinacea East working out of America’s premier college for mentored undergraduate research (lol) had a busy day! This summer we will be performing paternity tests on the seeds made during the big events from last summer. Today we did a set of DNA extractions on leaf tissue that was grown in the spring. This is a very long process and was a fairly novel process for all involved but everyone did a great job! Especially our Extraction Extraordinaire: Miyauna who led us fearlessly through the treacherous and tedious process.

The Extraction Extraordinaire hard at work.

While the samples were in the water bath Dr. Ison/Jennifer gave a very interesting presentation giving background on previous work done by members of team echinacea. For lunch we stole some extra boxed lunches from a high school camp going on in the building (they were very good). These stolen lunches gave us the fuel necessary to finish the days work.

Miyauna and Ren working on seed germination

Seed Master Ren finished putting all of the seeds in cold stratification. We have the seeds in the cold so they think its winter, then we take them out of the cold.

The seeds chillin’ mid “winter”

When all this was going on I (R clumsy ninja) was working in R analyzing genotyping data from a different project.

Tomorrow we will start running PCRs on the DNA samples we extracted today, under guidance of Avery the President of PCR.

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