Michael LaScaleia

Echinacea Project 2018

Biology and Environmental Studies, Tufts University 2018

Research Interests

I have been interested in plants since I was old enough to explore the woods in my backyard. Since then, I have done research on plants throughout my college career everywhere from Costa Rica to Iceland and found myself incredibly intrigued by how changing landscapes affect ecosystem dynamics, particularly plant-insect interactions. I have never before been a part of a research project that has been as long-term as the Echinacea Project, nor have I ever been to the long grass prairie, let alone researched it.


I grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts about 20 miles west of Boston, and just graduated to Tufts University about a month ago. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, or just about any activity that involves being outdoors. I hope in the future to make field biology my career, and am very excited to join Team Echinacea!


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