Monday Flog (19 June 2017): Attack of the Hawkweed

Hawkweed, hawkweed, hawkweed! We started off today pulling the invasive weed out of the P1 plots. For a long time, it seemed like wherever I looked, I saw basal hawkweed! The summer 2016 Echinacea Project team was best removed with hand tools, so this year we used garden knives to take out as much of the roots and runners that we could.  We removed so much of this weed, we were able to fill a whole wheelbarrow!

Tracie and Anna goofing around on the hawkweed mobile (aka the wheelbarrow). (19 June 2017).

After lunch, we set up the P2 plot at Hegg Lake. We first marked the beginning and ends of each row. We then placed flags every 5 meters along each row. It was a lot of work, but once we finished, P2 looked all ready for the rest of the summer!


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