Monday July 2nd

Monday was incredibly hot in Kensington, but the heat could not keep Team Echinacea from their work! Everyone is very busy working on their individual projects. Some members are beginning to get results in the form of shriveled styles, aphid counts, video footage of pollinators, and the end dates for Echinacea that have already finished flowering! The first flower to finish up in my phenology experiment was done flowering on Sunday, July 1st! Isn’t that crazy? It seems like it’ll be an early season for Echinacea this year.

Other than individual projects, a few members of the Team went out and continued with phenology in C1 Monday morning. We also had a crew go out in the afternoon. They finished measuring in the inbred 1 garden.

At the end of the day, everyone cooled off on the porch of Hjelm house with some refreshing watermelon slices.



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