Moving out

Well flog, this will probably be my last post for a while. Today I am leaving Town Hall and heading back to New England to begin prep for my PhD research at University of Connecticut. My tenure as lab intern I believe officially ended on Friday, but in many more important I ways, I doubt it will really be over any time soon.

Or I could just let Erin figure out demap entirely on her own…

This is the third time in less than a month I’ve packed up and moved everything I own, and everything that I own (thankfully) is getting smaller each time I move. I’m going to be moving at least two more times in the next month so I’ve gotta keep it small!

Before I left, I presented Team Echinacea with a parade of very crummy presents, including some tea, popcorn, a couple of books, and some tasty, tasty Tide pods. See the happy looks on their faces?

Town Hall on a Sunday… looks a lot like Town Hall on a Saturday

Things with the team proceed as normal, we’ll make an expedition to Alexandria later to day to drop me off, and to pick up some much need supplies (dinner has been, how to put it, “scrapped together” the last couple of nights).

I’m very excited to keep reading the flog this summer and keep up with the adventures of Team Echinacea 2019. Go team! Finish that puzzle!


Julie finishes the sky on our prairie puzzle

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