Uff da! Maria’s Summer Project Proposal

Hey everyone, I’m Maria, making my first appearance on the flog. I’m from Malaysia, currently a sophomore/rising junior at Northwestern. Sorry for the late first post as I’ve been unable to get onto the flog until yesterday 🙂

I’m now sitting beside Amy Dykstra out on the porch of Hjellm house enjoying the scenery while freezing in the cold. We have not been able to go out to do field work since Tuesday afternoon(?) due to wet weather, but we’re going to go out and plant the remaining <20 seedlings at Staffanson after lunch and perhaps seedling searches. Hope that the ground dries up!

Anyway, here’s the link to the googledoc of my summer project proposal. I’m constantly updating it/working on it so it seems most practical to share it as a googledoc. Any input will be highly appreciated 😀 Hope that everyone will be able to assess the link. Let me know if the link is not working! Thanks!

*Update June 24: The googledoc link is updated. Everyone should be able to assess it now 🙂


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