Our Not-So-Tiny Problem

After two grueling days and one exceptionally grueling one (during which we had to solve an issue with our tinies–what even is a confounding variable??), we’ve finally finished analyzing our data.

Our models fit, and our p-values are significant (sometimes), but the best takeaway from this week is definitely what we’ve learned about statistics and R. Prior to this Emma had never seen R before and I had only a rudimentary knowledge, but yesterday we wrote some code and solved a few problems without even consulting the internet! A HUGE shout-out to Stuart, Scott, and Amy for teaching us about generalized linear models, backwards step-wise regression, logistic transformations and all of the R syntax we didn’t know we needed, and for being patient with our sometimes-constant questions. I indubitably feel like I understand much more than I did coming into this week.

Stay tuned for our poster, which will include all the juicy juicy results that Emma and I have been slaving over. How has time passed this quickly?



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