(R)ainy Sunday

I spent my Sunday preparing for the week and relaxing.

Lea and I went grocery shopping in the morning, and when I returned to Andes, I started Swirl in R. Between lessons, I tinkered with my pulse and steady pollination data. By Tuesday, I hope to have some basic descriptive statistics to share with the team.

So far, using the range function, I was able to see my experimental plants’ styles emerged between July 8th and July 26th, and were pollinated within the same range. I was also able to see the sum of all the styles I pollinated: 1980! Hopefully, tomorrow I can work on finding the overall average style shrivel rate on day 1 and day 2 considering both treatments, and eventually, I hope to be able to find the shrivel rate by treatment in R. While I can find these things within the spreadsheet itself, I think R is a valuable tool I can use for my data analysis for this project, and it is a skill I need to develop as a young ecologist.

Other than working in R, I enjoyed listening to the cool rain that poured over Andes, and I savored Lea’s Beaufort stew dinner. A few of us also gathered around to stream some silly shows and share a laugh.

That’s all for this relaxing and somewhat productive Sunday.

Until next time, I’ll be sharpening my R skills!


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