Reporting from the Raj Mahal…

We ladies of the Raj (Rachel, Amy, Julie) Mahal are officially joining the flogging scene. In an effort to increase our cyber space visibility, and also repudiate rumors started elsewhere in this blog about potential negative characteristics of ours, we have decided to take Jung-Meyers-Briggs personality tests and offer to you, the readers of this field journal, the results. Amy was a iNTj, also known as a mastermind rationalist…. now aren’t you glad we have her Stuart. Rachel was a eStJ, also known as a supervisor guardian…hurray she can lead the team and make good food later that night. Julie was a eNFj, also known as a teacher idealist…. so she can explain the significance of the project and keep us motivated with her random facts as we sweat and toil in the field.

Also, we have just been graced with the arrival of our fourth roommate, Amy Mueller.

This morning we kicked off the flowering phenology experiment in the common garden. It was a successful and efficient morning, despite a couple of small errors with our hard data sheets. Hopefully switching to data taking on our Visors on Tuesdays will take care of this. After we finished up in the field, we headed to the local berry farm, where each condo quickly picked themselves a large flat of delicious strawberries. Ian and Josh took pictures; maybe they’ll post them at some later date.

Something not to forget this coming week is to get to Stuart our banking info, so that our labors do not go un-payed.

If any future summer residents of the Ande’s Condos are T-Mobile users, be warned: the service here is non-existent. All phone business must be conducted 12 miles east of here, which although inconvenient, is quite a nice bike ride.


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