Saturday: Storm and Sunshine

Hi guys,

Saturday morning i woke up at 6am (body clock working on weekday schedule) and couldn’t go back to sleep, so i decided to watch the approaching storm, from the safety of the front door of the town hall. Saw some really interesting things that will sound like they were right from a children’s book but it was all true.

The sky was a strange yellow glow. i’m guessing it’s because of the sunrise before a storm. In the north and northwest direction, there were dark clouds and low rumbling thunder in the background. But in the opposite direction, birds were chirping incessantly. The sun was literally gleaming above the dilapidated barn house. I saw a rabbit prancing across the neighbor’s front yard. I watched as storm clouds in the west covered and uncovered a double rainbow. Gradually the storm clouds moved from north to south. Some pattering of rain, and cool lightning chases in the north/northwest, accompanied by louder thunder.

Around 6.50 i went back to bed. Jennifer was already up – she was going to meet Stuart at the Hjelm House at 8, and then go to Caribou Coffee in Alexandria to work on her manuscript for the whole day.

Later in the morning, Katherine went to the common garden to do her aphids experiment, which took all day.

Taking advantage of the cool temperature (high 70s with 10mph wind), Jill went out for a run at 10 and I went out for a slow jog at 11. Lydia, Andrew and Kelsey (Andrew’s special friend) went to Alexandria around noon – Andrew was showing Kelsey around. Kelly, Shona, and Jill went to the Starbuck beach in the afternoon and had lots of fun. Apparently there was lake itch at the first beach they went to but they found another beach on the same lake that didn’t have the itch.

In the evening, Kelly and Shona went out for a run before going to Alexandria to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Andrew and Kelsey joined them at the movies.

Oh, and the obligatory picture. My camera got really wet in the rain (i foolishly put it in my raincoat pocket), so it’s retired from service for now. But I still have tons of good pictures from this summer and the last, so no worries.
2012-07-18 05.47.26.jpg
This was from the day of the storm. The yellow glow I was talking about. That’s my bike parked outside my field site at Hegg Lake.

And this is a really cool bug I found on Dichanthelium. It can climb vertically and upside down very well, and it seems to have suction pads on its feet. Photo courtesy of Lydia.



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