Saturday: Scrambled Pancakes & Breakfast at 9pm

Nope we did not sleep in until 9pm. On the contrary, we spent our Saturday morning doing fieldwork! Team Echinacea is really dedicated to our independent projects!

Saturday was a clear day with cool temps in the morning but temperatures rose around mid morning.

Kelly was doing phenology and Lydia was painting bracts and bagging heads for her crosses at the remnants.
Jill and Katherine finished up their aphid remnant survey, and Katherine stayed on at C1 to do her aphid addition/exclusion. It was a full day for Katherine (9 hours and 20 min lunch break).
Andrew went to C1 to watch pollinators, but unfortunately not many were up and about.
Shona was at Hegg Lake observing the last taking photos of Echinacea
2012-07-07 11.25.51.jpg

Yours truly was also at Hegg Lake from dawn till 11.30am, doing Dichanthelium pollen addition (only 4 spikelets needed pollen addition, looks like the Dichanthelium are finishing up flowering!)

One of the great things about doing fieldwork in the early morning is the chance to witness spectacular views of the outdoors. I stopped several times on the way to my site to get pictures of this magnificence:

2012-07-07 05.32.32.jpg

5:32am on Kittleson Road.

In the afternoon, some of us chilled out at home, took naps, went for a run, did groups abs exercise. Kelly, Lydia, Jill and Shona went to downtown Alexandria for some sightseeing and groceries. After they got back (around 8pm), we started making pancakes (gluten free corn pancakes, Katherine’s recipe) and Kelly’s authentic Spanish dish Tortilla Espanola. The pancakes turned out to be scrambled as we did not know the secret (=patience!). Thanks to the help of Jill and Shona, we managed to commence dinner at 9pm. After dinner, we all helped clean up. Then everyone (except myself because I had to get myself to bed) played bananagrams.

2012-07-07 20.53.16.jpg

yay Kelly!


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