Sling Mania

Today was another chilly day at the Echinacea Project with highs reaching up into the low 60ºs. Tracie and I spent the morning working on harvesting Lea’s Aster Phenology at SPP. Many of the Liatris are finished flowering and ready for harvest, but some of the Solidago plants still have at least another month or two before they will be ready.

Prenanthes racemosa

In the afternoon we spent our time out at Stephen’s Approach working on more seedling refinds. Between Tracie and I, and later also Stuart and Alex it took us about 3 hours to complete 13 focal plants. This is one of the more challenging activities that we do at the Echinacea Project, however, the glory of finding one of last year’s plastic swords or toothpicks is immeasurable.

Actual seedling refinds map found today. Luckily another map was found for the same site with the correct seedling locations.


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