Teamwork Tuesday!

While almost any day during the summer is filled with teamwork, today was a particularly successful day for Team Echinacea 2016. This morning all of us at town hall worried that Laura might be having an allergic reaction worthy of a trip to Alexandria. We decided the best course of action was to head to the Hjelm house, let everyone on the team know what was going on, and figure out what to do from there.  Jennifer generously drove Laura to Alexandria, the rest of us worked on GPSing and aphids while we waited for the sun and pollinators to come out. We regrouped later in the morning and drove out to complete another 800 combined minutes of pollinator observations in various remnants. Needless to say, before lunch we had already put a lot of teamwork into Teamwork Tuesday.

After lunch, Stuart gave us all great advice for writing successful proposals before we headed out to Hegg Lake. The rest of the afternoon was filled with measuring all of the remaining plants in p2. In pairs, we expertly worked to complete rows as efficiently as possible. At one point Stuart even exclaimed, “Now we’re cooking with gas!” By 4:15pm the team had finished measuring the entire plot, and the 50m tapes were expertly looped for future storage.

Even after work Teamwork Tuesday continued.  Abby visited town hall for dinner, I picked up the CSA from Morris, Scott cooked, and Laura emerged much better after a long nap and two bowls of ice cream.

Staffanson was beautiful during pollinator observations!

Staffanson was beautiful during pollinator observations!


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