There Once Was a Limerick Flog…

This flog will be written in verse;

I hope you won’t think it’s the worst.

Rather than prose

In limericks I compose,

The daily events from the Roost.


On Friday the 29th of June,

We celebrated Kristen’s birthday at noon,

By eating some cake,

And later, listening to Drake,

After eating some Mexican food.

Kristen & Cake


On Saturday day we relaxed;

But adventure our night didn’t lack.

To a concert we went;

It was quite an event;

The custodian from my school played the sax.


Evan, Zeke, and Mia making hats for Echinacea flowers


^Mike Kreitzer: custodian at Saint John’s University by day, rockstar by night.

Kristen, Evan, Mia, Zeke, Brigid (looks way too excited) at the Melrose Riverfest Concert


After a week of skeeters and ticks and horse flies,

Being outside seemed unwise.

But after a day,

Of bugs being away,

Now we miss those we all once despised.



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