To do list

Major initiatives for this week:

Flowering phenology in the CG: get the visors ready for data collection on Tuesday & Thursday AM.

Herbivory of rays in CG: get the visors ready for data collection. This data we could collect in the afternoon. We’ll probably get better quality data if we do it separately from the phenology data collection.

Style persistence in CG: This data is best collected in the morning. Probably better to collect separately from phenology, but they could go together.

FA: Make bracket for camera and design sampling scheme to take digital images of heads (esp. rays) to quantify symmetry.

Pollinator observations in CG
1. Use video cameras to quantify visitation. The power source is an issue. Batteries would be much easier to use than electric cords. 12V DC sources are cheap & readily available. Andy, what is the voltage output from the transformers on the AC plugins?
2. Use binoculars to estimate flight distances.

Set up computer infrastructure: set up computer network (printer, visor sync station), set up hard drives (is 2.5 GB enough?), get software for raw digital images (UFRaw or irfanview), determine how to back up video footage efficiently.

Aerial photos. This can be an afternoon activity. We need to figure out camera settings, ground markers, and practice.

Style persistence in SPP. Collect data every 3rd day.

Move mowed duff in CG.

Discuss projects & teams with everyone.

These could wait:
Finish data collection in last 3 recruitment experiment plots.
Collect CG tissue.


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