Tracie Hayes

Echinacea Project 2017

Biology B.S. & Studio Art B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2017

Research Interests

My general ecological interests involve macroecology and biogeography. I am fascinated by patterns that can be discovered across large geographic scales or over long time periods. With the changing climate I have become interested in how temperature can affect the phenologies of plant and animal species. In my time with Team Echinacea I hope to study prairie plant phenology, plant-pollinator interactions, and the effect of prairie fragment size on community characteristics.


I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, a day trip away from either the beach or the mountains. I am constantly making art, whether it is weaving, painting, or woodworking. I also love hiking, birding, collecting rocks, and eating sushi. I am excited to join Team Echinacea and experience a new ecosystem!


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