Tue 4 Sep

Stuart is back!

While Stuart worked on computer stuff – prepping for rechecks at Landfill and nearest neighbors at Staffanson – Katherine and I finished off demo rechecks at Aanenson.

Apart from computer stuff, Stuart also finished seedling refinds at Randt (2 there), then set out for demo rechecks at Steven’s Approach. Katherine and I joined him after Aanenson. The three of us finished demo rechecks at a rate of ~1 plant per minute.

After lunch, we set out for demo rechecks at Landfill. On the way out we had an interesting and informative chat with Steve, a beekeeper about bees and pesticides etc.

At Landfill, we worked as a trio again. While Stuart staked with GPS, Katherine & I did demo, leapfrogging plants. We finished off 120 recheck points in about 2 hours, so again, rate of 1 plant per minute. We also flagged and demo-ed sling refind plants while at Landfill.

Lastly, we “(took) a moment to revel in the prairie that hasn’t been turned into landfill”. And rewarded ourselves with rootbeer floats. Katherine and I had too much ice cream that we didn’t have much appetite for dinner.



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