Unearth festival — Tomorrow!

Hello Flog,

We’re wrapping up another week here at the Garden, but the excitement isn’t over yet! Tomorrow¬† and Sunday at the Chicago Botanic Garden, members of Team Echinacea will be attending the Unearth Science festival. This festival is a great chance for everyone to see what all us scientists do at the Garden on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve been coordinating with some of the organizers of this festival, and of course that means that there is going to be an echinacea themed table! We were more than happy to give Drew a bunch of the supplies and samples from our lab so everyone who comes can see what it’s like to process real echinacea plants. Basically, if you come to our table, you’re pretty much part of Team Echinacea! Read all about the festival – and how you can attend – at this link¬†

Hope to see you there!


Michael and Drew with a bunch of Echinacea Lab supplies


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