Way extended field season

Amy and I were out at Hegg Lake last Tuesday and Wednesday sowing seeds for a couple of new experiments. Hard to believe there’s still fieldwork to be done in the middle of November! It seems everything was pushed late this year. On Tuesday, as we were measuring and setting up plots, we experienced about every form of precipitation: light snow and heavy, wet snow and freezing rain and good ‘ole regular rain. Luckily by Wednesday, there was little accumulation and nothing falling from the sky. We sowed my entire experiment, looking at the ability of genetically rescued plants to recruit new individuals to a population, and one third of Amy’s, which examines both local adaptation and the relative potential of different populations to act as genetic rescuers. Here are some pictures showing ice around the edges of Hegg Lake and our attempt to get achenes right on the ground in our plots (utilizing kitchen scrubbers/mini-brooms to brush away vegetation).




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