Wednesday, August 1: Off with Its head!!!!

Might I ask how it already got to be August? Time sure seems to fly out on the prairie. To start out with, we continued doing rechecks in the Common Garden. We’ve found about 80 positions that were previously listed as Can’t Find. Yay!! The rest of the morning was spent on individual projects. Katherine worked on her aphid survey in the Common Garden, Jill continued to ID ants from her pitfall traps, and Stuart talked to Andrew, Shona, and I about doing glm’s (generalized linear models) on our data. Hooray for stats! The battle with R continues, though Kelly beat it by producing a pretty snazzy graph.

Now for the good part (not that other things weren’t good, but you’ll see what I mean). This afternoon, we started harvesting echinacea heads. If the head looked ready (as in pretty much everything on the plant by the head is brown), we chopped it off in an organized fashion and placed each head in a labeled bag.

Here’s a picture of us harvesting!
DSCN5189 (2).JPG

On a more displeasing note, that tick of ours is STILL alive and kicking. Or waving. Or whatever.

In the evening, the Wagenii made an appearance at Town Hall to watch the Bee Movie. It was enjoyed by all!


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