Where is Asclepias viridiflora?

Over the years I have made several notes about locations of Asclepias viridiflora individuals. I have not noted the species at Staffanson Prairie Preserve. I’ve copied notes below. I can show you where these plants are (on a map or live)…

2-July-1998 site eth
Asclepias vividiflora 6.5 paces S of 2294

1-Aug-1998 site eth
Asclepias viridiflora w pod!

23-July-1998 site nolf
EA pla #3069 cf Asclepias viridiflora 1.1m WSW of this EA

I have mapped an Asclepias viridiflora individual at NRRX. No notes, just the location.

I have collected several seed pods from A. viridiflora at the landfill. Here are the records…
Landfill 9/5/1997 26 seeds 1 pod 4 planted at TP plot
Landfill 9/5/1998 3 pods

Finally, here’s a note from my visor from earlier today. The yellow flags are at your prairie turnip plants.

7/3/09 9:31 am
Asclepias viridiflora
2 fl plas between
yel flags 1-02 & 1-28
1 fl pla between
yel flags 1-31 & 1-52
1 fl pla SSE of
yel flag 1-47 (far S) in dip

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