Wonderful Phenology Wednesday

Today team echinacea enjoyed some weather on the other end of the spectrum from the high and humid 80s last week. With temps in the low 70s, clouds, and a breeze it was a convenient day for phenology and measuring.

In the morning we broke off into teams to complete phenology at the remnants, Staffanson, and p2. Will, Tracie, and I went out to p2 and recorded the status of the many, many flowering plants.  As we went along, Will and Tracie began rating some of the echinacea on a scale of 1-10. Ones with full heads and perfect florets received some high scores! We are also beginning to find plants that are already done flowering.

Echinacea in P2


After everyone returned to the Hjelm house we had lunch and then headed right out to p1 to measure the plants part of the fitness experiment. When we had measured for exactly 100 minutes, everyone split up to work on their individual projects.  I did some work on the computer looking at soil maps of Minnesota and some of the Echinacea plots on Google Earth.  Ashley went out to Nice Island to do more pollination, Lea and Wes where out at Hegg Lake,  and Alex checked on his yellow pan traps.

Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early to head up north for measuring orchids! Looking forward to an awesome and fun filled day!!


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