2021 Update: Cirsium hillii fire & fitness

We are still monitoring the fate of the lone patch of Hill’s thistle at Hegg Lake WMA. It is the only patch in our study area, as far as we know. On 8 September 2021, Jared & Stuart used a stake file to find corners of the plot that was shot in 2014. We flagged the corners and did not see any flowering rosettes within. We shot coordinates for five basal rosettes. Two rosettes were outside of the plot near the SW corner. We scanned nearby and saw no more rosettes outside the plot. One Asclepias viridiflora plant was flagged within the plot. I regret I took no photos.

  • Start year: 2014
  • Location: Hegg Lake WMA
  • Data collected:
    • GPS coordinates ~Dropbox\geospatialDataBackup2021\convertedTXT2021\CIRSIUM_20210908_DARW.txt
    • notes. see file 2021-09-08notesCirsiumHillii.pdf
  • Samples or specimens collected: none
  • Products: none

You can find more information about our experiment on how fire affects the fitness of Cirsium hillii on previous flog posts regarding this experiment and on the background page for this experiment.


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