25 July 2013

This morning started out with some of the crew at varying remnants working on independent projects and some were at the Hjelm house: Reina and Pam were working on their trichome data, while Sara Z worked on pinning ants, Lydia and I began some crosses but were soon rained out. Before we got rained out however I found this large fly larva in the head of the plant I was crossing…normally they are transparent-ish…this one however had a hay day with the pollen and as you can see is quite orange!full_magot.jpg

Once the rain put a stop to the crosses for the morning we worked on organizing and taking inventory of the pollen that has been collected thus far for the crossing experiment (qGen2).

After lunch today Stuart gave the crew a brief introduction into the wonderful world of R…OHHHHH the possibilities….

Then, later in the afternoon, we had many hands on deck helping with crosses that had been prioritized for the day. The most important thing about crossing is that you accessorize well while doing it, and what better way to accessorize than to have a handy bract painting bracelet! Below I am showing proper bracelet wearing technique.

These bracelets are all the rage right now at the Hjelm house, and they certainly are not going out of “style” anytime soon! (Or at least not until the crossing experiment is finished). Well, I must say we are very fashion forward here in Kensington, and I’m sure no one will be caught without one tomorrow because of the exciting happenings that are to be taking place tomorrow morning….but I shouldn’t say anymore just yet….stay tuned!


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