4 peach day passes, 3 peach day begins

Today we had a productive day! We started the day with staples and re-checks in p1, which as Will remarked today could at times be called, “pool 1”. Indeed, my pants were wet from boot to waist, and it took a few hours to dry off completely. ¬†After rechecks, we worked on computer work until lunch. It was at that point that 4 peach day passed and 3 peach day began. We measure days in peaches, Ashley’s peaches to be exact- never Alex’s peaches. It was also at lunch that I received a very clear notification regarding my flogging responsibilities, posted below.

Look how confusing!

After lunch, we spend a few hours working on independent projects. Tracie, Gretel, Kristen, and I headed to NRRX and RRX to work on some vegetation analysis. It was nice having Gretel, the local plant ID expert, help us with the data collection. Kristen also was a great help, she’s learning the Visor skills at lightening speed. Meanwhile, the rest of the team finished demo at RRX, and everyone had some independent project time. An interesting coincidence happened this afternoon- both Wes and I had a question about the identity of the same plant species. We both took photos, and luckily Gretel was able to help. ¬†Even with all of Gretel’s great clues about the ID, (“the epithet is a sauce you’ve made”) I couldn’t get it on my own and had to be told the ID!

Overall it was a great day, and I can only hope that the remainder of 3 peach day goes as nicely!

Ashley finds another Monarch caterpillar at Nice Island!


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