Monday, July 30th

The last Monday of July, yikes. The season is unfortunately winding down and many of the individual projects are wrapping up or nearly wrapped up. The groups split up with CowBee doing their thing at P2 and the leftovers doing some phenology at p1. Kristin and i finished some bee stuff. Michael and i then picked up some soil samples at Hegg Lake West (by the way my favorite piece of land of the all the sites). In the afternoon, demography was continued after a brief interesting history of the Douglas/Pople County Landfill from Stuart. Kristin and Mia moved tents and everyone finished the day making more tags for demography. Tomorrow should be exciting as we will be wrangling up the goats and move them to a fresh patch of buckthorn.

Found this Bombus bimac on my Mexican Sunflower on my first step out of the van at home

Me doing demo

Heres the Echin Trophy for Saturday Flekkefest 5K. Dont know the criteria yet for the winner but Zeke is in the lead.


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