7 August 2013

Another day of measuring, phenology, and crossing has come and gone. Phenology this morning was quite wet, afterwards some of us crossed and the rest worked on independent projects. Crossing has gotten quite challenging in the sense that we have a limited supply of pollen to work with as most of the sires are done flowering. The challenge is to get an even distribution of each sire (pollen donor) to the 4 dams (pollen acceptor) that it goes to, this has proven to be our biggest obstacle. And to top it off some dams haven’t even started to flower yet!

At lunch we got to see Dayvis’s preliminary power point for the presentation he will be giving on his research at the Chicago Botanic Garden next week; Marie will also be presenting a poster on her hybrid project there.

Then it was back to work with measuring the common garden and finishing up crossing jobs from this morning for the rest of the afternoon.backtowork.JPG


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