A Narrative of Adventures in the Wilderness

I’m sure we left y’all sitting at the edges of your seats waiting for an update on the pizza, but before we get there, I would like to offer a complaint. It has come to my attention that the loon was given 1 point, while I was given zero. It is my opinion that the judging was rigged and the loon bribed the judges. I see no grounds for my loss. But I’m sure you want to hear about our pizza, so no more of our slight squabbles. After I took a short swim in the refreshing Annie Battle Lake, we headed off to Battle Lake for some pizza. The food was great after a lackluster breakfast and lunch. Much to the surprise of our waitress, Laura managed to ‘drink’ (put into a Nalgene) four glasses of water. Next we went to the local ice cream shop. While looking for a spot to sit, Scott lost his upper scoop to the road. This was much to the amusement of a spectator who laughed at the hapless Scott. Not to be at a loss of ice cream, Scott picked up his scoop and enjoyed it with some extra vitamin P (P for pavement).

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the great campsite. Laura and Amy went for a swim at sunset, I built a fire and everyone scratched their chigger bites. Those little guys are quite persistent. After a great trip, we returned to K-town this morning. We are prepared to continue measuring plants and do flowering phenology as the number of flowering heads dwindles.

Peaceful sunset from our campsite

Peaceful sunset from our campsite


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