Loon 1: Jame 0

Good evening flogland and sorry you’ve been feeling neglected lately. We still love you.

We know it’s not evening yet, but it sure feels like it and we have already taken two naps today. An elite contingent of Team Echinacea left Friday after work to camp at Glendalough State Park. We are sitting around the picnic table watching Jame trying to catch a loon in the lake! So far score is 1-0 loon. Actually it might be higher because apparently Jame wakes up really easily to loon calls but not other loud noises.

Last night when we arrived most of our time was spent around the campfire. We learned a lot of interesting things about each other including that if you spell James’ name backwards and change the “m” to a “w” that it would spell “Sewaj” (sewage). Also Will is a satanist and doesn’t like  S’mores. Also we learned that Jame has been making fires for his family since the age of 3.

This morning we were awoken by a Miss Amy Waananen at 6 am and promptly made a fire to eat some squishy oat meal. Alyson AKA Lil’ Terrified did not partake in the oatmeal but joined me in the Cheetos for breakfast movement. We also developed a sophisticated ranking system for food ranging from “would try again” to “would eat forever”.

Earlier today, we went on a hike on the Beaver Pond Interpretive Trail. We are all now sitting around the picnic table anxiously awaiting the arrival of Scott “Scooter” Nordstrom. Will is especially excited because they have plans to “cuddle puddle” tonight.

Tonight we are going to eat pizza and itch each other’s chigger bites.


Glen da lough,

Amy “OJ”

Alyson “Lil’ Terrified”

Billy Jeff Reed

Jame “Sewaj” “Jahmez” “Jamie” “Jammy Jam” “Sweet Baby James”

Laura “Puff Daddy”




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