A peek into the life of a graduate student

This week I spent my free time exploring the wet prairies of Douglas County, MN.

This is a picture of a small piece of wet prairie. Notice the high level of biodiversity! How many different species can you see? If you look closely, you’ll notice small pink flowers (it also helps if you zoom in). Those small pink flowers are the flowers of Agalinis tenuifolia which is the species I studied in my Master’s and is a parasitic plant that feeds off the roots of nearby plants!

Today I headed back to Chicago for my Master’s defense which is on Tuesday.

I met my new roommate Nigel.
I have to drop off all my seeds at the Chicago Botanic Garden this week. I have used over 1500 coin envelopes on seed collections!

I need to get back to working on a grant, but first I want to show the world the first meme I ever made.

And take a moment also to appreciate that sometimes things just line up.


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