A productive day of work after a wet morning

Today, we started out the day in task forces and disperse throughout the common gardens and remnants. A number of us worked on p1 phenology and got absolutely soaked from the wet big bluestem. After that, many of us went inside while drying our stuff outside to work on R coding for our projects (I made a map of angustifolia and pallida ranges in the United States). The CoWBee team spent their whole morning at p2 working on their projects as well, and we were all able to convene for lunch, where some individuals gave us updates on the status of their projects.

After lunch, Kristen brought a team to move emergence tents around the prairie. The rest of us went out and did demography at the Loeffler’s corner, railroad crossing, and northwest of landfill remnants! The day ended and we all were happy to be home! I worked on writing a proposal for my project at night (and finished the map), and the rest of the roost team, along with Kristen and legendary Team Echinacea member Laura Leventhal, cooked a fried rice and tofu dinner for us all! The night ended with more intense games of Werewolf!


I kiss an Echinacea at the Northwest of Landfill remnant


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