Fun Fact Friday

Hello Flog!

Did you know that echinacea comes from the Greek word “ekhinos” which means Hedgehog?

Did you know that echinacea can be used as an herbal medicine?  It can also help to boost your immune system!

Did you know that the seed heads can make excellent dried centerpieces?

Those are just some fun facts to brighten your Friday! 🙂  Today was another great day at the Echinacea project.  In the morning, 5 team members went out to P1 to complete phenology.  We have become very efficient and finished in only 20 minutes!  However, most of us were very wet by the end of it, as all of the grass was very dew covered.  After that, we joined some other team members at P2 and completed phenology there.  That took a bit longer becuase we had to check all done flowering heads to see if they needed to be harvested (Stuart and Jennifer had to harvest some heads already yesterday, which is crazy!).  After that Kristen, John, and Andy went out to do Yellow Pan Traps, while Michael and I check some of my aphid plants.  Michael also completed his pollen addition.

Me completing phenology at P1

Michael demonstrating how tall the Big Blue Stem is at Hegg Lake

Michael taking pollen from one of the last flowering heads in P1.

Michael adding the pollen to one of his plants.

Lunch was filled wiht many laughters, like usual 🙂

After lunch, some team members headed back out to P1 to continue measuring plants, some stayed at P2 to watch pollinators, and some helped Kristen move pan traps.  It was a great way to end the week!


Signing off, have a great weekend!




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