ABT and Phenology

We started off today assessing phenology in all of the remnants, and both experimental plots. I went to p2 with Anna and Ashley where we saw all stages of flowering from bud to done! One of the Echinacea plants I visited in p2 was gone, pulled down into a gopher mound. But many more plants were flowering and pollinators were busy collecting pollen. We met back at the Hjelm house for lunch, and had a nice meal on the porch. Our lunchtime conversation turned to one where we discussed the importance of telling a good narrative in science. We learned all about the “ABT” structure which consists of connecting two known facts with “and”, revealing the gap in understanding with, “but”, and finishing off with a “therefore” statement which offers resolution. The “ABT” format is useful for clarifying and communicating ideas, but it isn’t easy to do well right away, so we practiced framing our research projects in the ABT format- a good exercise for everyone! Next up we split into teams, worked on projects, added aphids the aphid addition plants in p1, finished mapping the Echinacea pallida plants at Hegg Lake, and wrapped up the day.

Pollinator hard at work in p2


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