April showers bring May fires

A cold, wet spring put an early damper on our 2022 burn season but we got a great start this week with an efficient two-day trip to Minnesota. The weather looked sufficiently warm and dry to justify the trip from CBG. Our goal was to prep burn units in anticipation of better burn weather. Stuart and I thought there was an outside chance we might be able to burn P1 or the Andropogon pilot plot on Friday but conditions were far better than anticipated. Fuels were dry and steady south winds brought drier air. We focused our efforts Thursday on preparing burn units. Alex and I mowed/raked breaks at waa and mapp in the morning. Stuart joined us after lunch to scout lcw, mark the burn unit boundary at lfw, and remove a handful of pine and cedar trees within the unit. Alex and I finished the day by mowing breaks at nwlf and cutting breaks at sgc.

The weather conditions that materialized Friday were ideal for prescribed burns: steady southeast wind, high temperatures in the mid 60s, relative humidity dipping to 30-35 percent, and good smoke dispersal. We were able to burn six experimental units and one bonus prairie garden between 11 AM and 6 PM. The Echinacea Project was not alone. TNC burned the western half of Staffanson on Friday and USFWS burned several WPAs. It was a very successful and efficient trip. Stay tuned to the flog for more detailed information about each experimental burn.


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