arrival & move in

Folks arrived Sunday afternoon & evening. They moved into the condos at Andes Tower Hill. It seems like the housing will be good, but they have only 8 beds–we’ll need more. Also the wireless wasn’t working.

Here’s a photo of everyone who had arrived by 6 pm.

2007-jun-17-moving_in.JPG L to R: Amy, Ian, Andy, Colin, Stuart, Rachel & Julie (Jameson & Josh were on their way.)

I gave them directions to Pete’s County Market for food shopping. They should be settling in–by now, they should be asleep.

I am not asleep. I just moved furniture around so I could sit down at a computer next to the new dsl modem. I figured out how to connect the computer and here I am.

Here’s the recap on the trip from Illinois: Andy picked me up after an arduous drive through Chicago. We made it to my folk’s house by 11:30 pm. Saturday morning at 8 we picked up equipment from Ruth at the U of MN: computer, printer, survey station accessories (the station itself is in the shop), keys, dissecting scope, etc. Then I went to Metal detectors of Minneapolis at 38th & Cedar and bought a metal detector. I drove to my cousin Kory’s graduation party in St. Cloud with my mom and from there we drove to the farm.

We’ll start on Monday morning at 8:30. It might rain.


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