first day

It was raining first thing in the morning so we organized visors, the Trimble GeoXH, fanny packs, radios, & other supplies. We have so many batteries of so many different types!

After the rain stopped we visited two remnants: BTG, one of the smallest, and the Staffanson Prairie Preserve, our largest. Ray florets on some Echinacea plants were sticking up. That’s early!

Here’s a list of some of the showy flowering plants we saw at Staffanson:
Heliopsis helianthoides
Galium boreale
Phlox pilosa
Rosa arkansana
Calylophus serrulatus
Delphinium virescens
Coreopsis palmata
Zigadenas elegans
Thalictrum dasycarpum
Asclepias ovalifolia

It was quite windy, so we didn’t see many pollinators. I remember one Auglochlorella striata and a few large syrphid flies.

After lunch we searched for plants in one recruitment plot (#1 Eng Lake). The winds picked up to 25-30 mph with gusts around 45 mph (43 mph was recorded at the Alex airport).

Back at the house we dealt with paperwork and practiced using the visors.

I am looking forward to a good summer!


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