Ashes to ashes, pollen to pollen

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that one of our own, Amy Waananen, has passed from our midst to her other home in the Twin Cities. With the conclusion of flowering looming large, Amy has left us to continue her work at the University of Minnesota. Though some insist we may see her again roaming the remnants in search of plant tissue, I know this to be but a specter of our hopeful, grieving hearts. Town Hall mourns for the loss of our favorite corner-room occupant and master compost de-grossing expert.

And of course, life goes on. Even now, flowers bloom anew in the remnants.  Plants first identified decades ago dutifully sprout through the wire loops of their tags and allow us to greet them as old friends. Perhaps next field season we might once again find Amy at Hjelm, syncing her visor, scooping up her clipboard, and striking out for the prairie.

An Echinacea found rays spreading in one of our prairie remnants– a rare treat in mid-late August!

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