August 24: No parents, no rules

Good evening floglanders,

Computers in the prairie!! No parents no rules!!

Computers in the prairie!! No parents no rules!!

Stuart took the train back to Chicago this morning, leaving us kids in charge of fieldwork for the rest of the week. In the absence of responsible adults, we did all kinds of wild and crazy things. Lea and Scott assessed phenology for Lea’s experiment at Staffanson while Will, Jame, and I did demo at RRX and NRRX. Will and I left James to set up seedling refinds at Staffanson and went on to harvest a few remaining heads from the remnant harvest sample that we started yesterday. After lunch we did total demo on the south side of the road at Aanenson and after that we did seedling refinds at Staffanson. It was totally OC (outta control). We wrapped up the day by getting the ice cream out of the freezer and having root beer floats for the second day in a row. Woohoo!!! Don’t tell Stuart or Gretel.

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