August 28: The Harvest Continues

We started off the day by doing demography rechecks at Landfill and the sites nearby, performing CSI like forensic investigation to determine which flowers were missing and which tags had been misentered the fist time around. We made a to a couple of remnants to harvest heads before lunch and then at lunch we got a final update from Will about his plans for heritability of phenology in the experimental plots. Gina was put in the hot seat, once again, to tell us everything she could about the results of Abby’s and her aphid exclusion experiment.

The afternoon was spent harvesting and though most of the heads in p1 and p2 aren’t ready to be harvested, we have quite a few from the remnants that have been clipped and bagged. We’re excited to try a new sampling technique in the remnants where not only are we taking 5 random heads, we’re also taking the earliest flowering, latest flowering, least isolated, and most isolated heads in order to see if they fit in with the patterns found in the overall population.

Today was Gina and Will’s last day at work and we’re sad to see them go but excited to see what they do with their projects from the summer as well as their own research interests.


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