August 29: Weekend update

Here is everything that happened this weekend:

– We said goodbye to Gina as she heads home to New York for a week before starting class at Carleton. We miss you already Gina! Now there are only four of us living at the Town Hall.

– After we dropped Gina off at the Perkins where she caught her shuttle to the airport, Ali, Katherine, and I sobbed in the car for a while and then we went grocery shopping at Cub.

– We went back to Town Hall and congratulated ourselves on having already accomplished two items on our to-do list (drop off Gina, go grocery shopping) and rewarded ourselves by taking naps.

– Ali’s friend from school came and visited, and we went camping at Glacial Lakes State Park. Lots of nice prairie there! And lots of purple coneflower patches and magnets available for purchase at the park office. The only bad part about the park was that the interpretive signs had pictures of “native prairie plants” and had Echinacea purpurea listed.

– Ali taught me how to knit, and I made a yellow rectangle.

– Danny went to Northfield for the weekend and brought us back donuts from the Fireside Apple Orchard! Wow! Tis the season!

– I tried to make peanut butter but I burnt the peanuts so it was really gross. Ali made cucumber bread and it was pretty good; we ranked it 6 out of 10 would make again and 10 out of 10 would consume if starving.

– Watched the new T. Swift music video for the song “Wildest Dreams“: really beautiful scenery; she wears a brunette-wig and I’m kind of undecided about that.

It was a good weekend. Can’t believe it’s almost September!


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