Episode 0: Pilot

In this episode of a day we started off testing out Jared’s protocols for micro habitats. We gathered data like soil compaction, light availability and litter depth from random test points. We had lots of success and even more discoveries on how to make things run smoother. Tomorrow we will put the newly revised protocol to the test in the first official episode of micro habitats!

Busy lil bees:)

This morning half of our team set out to capture some bees! We caught a total of thirty bees of varying species. Once secured in the tube, we set the captured bees in a cooler to “calm them down.” Once the bees were sound asleep we removed pollen from their fuzzy little bodies to study further. But have no fear! The lil guys were soon returned to their home site, free and in the wild! All in all a very successful morning and we await the next time we get to wrangle some little fuzzy pollinators.

Little Guy in his Natural Habitat

A monarch butterfly caterpillar at the Runestone Park remnant which is abundant with milkweed, his favorite snack.

Blaire Reuter

Echinacea Project 2023

West Central Area High School 2025

Pronouns: She/Her

Research Interests

I want to study all varieties of wild flowers and native grasses. I also wish to learn about how the environment affects them and the impact they have on the ecosystem around them. i am also very exited to be part of a team and learn how a research project like this one works!


I am from Hoffman, MN

In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, run, listen to music, and go hiking to explore the outdoors.