Greetings from the Lab…

Hi, Team Echinacea —

Its Diedre and Jake with an update from the lab at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

In spite of several setbacks, including a crowded lab and a power failure that shut the lab down for an entire day, we’ve been able to create a lot of data. Currently, we have ten microsatellite primers working which we use for paternity and genetic diversity analysis.

Recently we’ve been able to up our extractions to over 150 samples a week and 10 PCR’s a day! Jake and I started extracting the samples that Jennifer and I took in Minnesota several weeks ago. Jake is using these for his poster on population structure. He will be looking at whether there is interbreeding or inbreeding among the nine remenant populations we sampled (East of Riley, Anenson, Steven’s Approach, Landfill, Railroad Crossing, Staphenson Prairie Preserve, KJ, and Ness). Jake has already found some interesting results with the use of Structure and FStat.

The poster I am working on will look at the diversity of pollen donors with regard to flowering on individual and population levels.

Here are some pictures of our work in the lab:

Jake with Sculpture.JPG

Pippette Sculpture.GIF

Jake and I making DNA extractions a little more fun than they already are through use of our artistic talents.

Picture of Exciting Results.JPG

Some preliminary results for Jake’s project.