N. Goldsmith Wrapping Up

Today is my last day with in Douglas County, MN for the summer. I have been trying to get everything together before I go, and so this post will include some files that do a bit of wrapping up from my independent project.

Here is the project status report which summarizes where certain information is located. Some of these rely on accessing our shared drive, so sorry for some of the file locations that don’t make sense outside of the Hjelm house: ProjectStatusFormNG.doc

I have also quickly summarized my results so far, updated my methods, et cetera. Here is that file: Echinacea Project Summary 15 August 2011.doc

N. Goldsmith R Analysis Update

I have been working some on my R analysis, and hope to get some statistics time in to help me better analyze my data. Here is what I have so far. I have reorganized my script since the last version to have a more question-based flow, and have changed some of the tests I perform.


N. Goldsmith R Analysis

I have started work on analysis of my style shriveling data from the crosses between Echinacea pallida and Echinacea angustifolia. Attached is the R code I have so far.


E. pallida – E. angustifolia cross data

This is my CSV file with information on my pollen crosses between Echinacea pallida and Echinacea angustifolia. It will be used in the analysis of that data.



After enjoying the pig races out at the Grant County Fair yesterday, it was back to field work for me today. I biked out to the Hegg Lake Restoration area to discover that my Echinacea pallida site had experienced something that is now common for many prairie remnants – mowing.

Echinacea pallida tagged PAL 1014 before mowing:

Echinacea pallida tagged PAL 1013 after mowing:

Luckily I still have a decent number of crosses, and this just cuts the number I was planning on having a bit shorter. Tomorrow I will begin crosses to use up my remaining supply of Echinacea pallida pollen.

N. Goldsmith research proposal draft 3

After checking at Hegg Lake again, it appears there are enough Echinacea pallida plants to be able to do reciprocal crosses. I have attached my updated proposal.

Echinacea Project Proposal 3 Jul2011.doc

Nicholas Goldsmith Updated Project Proposal

We have all been busy updating our project proposals. At the end of this post my updated proposal is attached.

Soon we will go out and try again to assess if their is enough Echinacea pallida for me to do crosses between it and Echinacea angustifolia. Until then, my proposal still includes both a Plan A and Plan B.

Echinacea Project Proposal 26 Jun2011.docx

Nicholas Goldsmith’s Project Proposal

Attached my summer project proposal in pdf format

New Media Initiative Proposal: Twitter

We are hard at work preparing various proposals. One aspect we are wanting to work on include our digital presences. We have thus created our New Media Initiatives.

This is our proposal for how the Echinacea Project might utilize Twitter.

G-3 Inventory

InventoryMay2011.doc An inventory of Team E’s side of G-3.