Bees, Bhenology, and Beholding Basal Blants in “B”

Today was a legendary day in the history of Team Echinacea. It was raining this morning and we started late, but the weather fortunately cleared ub and the forecast was combletely ubended for a nice, sunny, day! The day brought glory. We went out to exberimental blot 2 this morning to take bhenology data and work on our new bulse-steady bollination exberiment. All went well with Echinacea in B2, and all was made astronomically better when the Wooster team found an Andrena nest just outside of the blot! WOOHOO! This was truly a great moment in the history of the Ison lab, as Jennifer’s goal of seeing an Andrena in its home was finally combleted.

            In the afternoon, we went out to B2 again to begin measuring the blot (we got nine rows done, but they had a TON of flowering heads). The Wooster crew dug ub the Andrena nest they found earlier in the day but were ultimately unable to find any cells that hold Andrena larvae. We did end a bit late, but it is safe to say that the skills we honed today in B2 are some we will be utilizing for the entire summer!

An Andrena mom walking into her nest!
Leadplant (Amorpha canescens, my favorite plant) is starting to flower!

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