burning lcw 2022

After finishing up at nice island, our crew departed for the next set of burns. Our hope was to burn Loeffler’s Corner west as well as an adjacent 10 acre unit with gorgeous prairie hills. Unfortunately, minor delays and a couple bureaucratic hurdles outside of our control slowed us down. We chose to prioritize the smaller lcw unit (~2.25 acres). We ignited a test fire in the southeast corner of the burn unit and secured the southern burn break. Once a little black had been established, Stuart and Dwight began lighting along the eastern edge of the burn unit while Brad and I ignited along the western edge. Per and Ed patrolled the break and Alex monitored the weather. This was another slow burn through mostly brome. Around 4:45 PM, the winds began to die down so we hurried to ignite a headfire along the northern edge of the unit in an effort to avoid putting smoke on Hwy 55. Although the fire closed slowly, the burn was quite thorough and will help set back brome. Stuart and I were reminded of the lce burn from spring 2021 in which nearly the same situation unfolded just across the road. The projected stiff north winds lost their energy resulting in light and variable winds. We suspect local topography may be to blame.

Temperature: 67 F
Relative Humidity: 34 %
Wind Speed: 12 mph
Wind Direction: NNW
Ignition time: 4:06 PM
End time: 5:27 PM
Burn Crew: Jared, Stuart, Alex C., Per, Dwight, Ed C., Brad D.


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