burning waa 2022

After conducting a successful burn in the pilot Andropogon plot and eating lunch on May 6, we packed up our equipment and ventured over to waa to conduct two prescribed burns. Echinacea within two small patches at waa separated by ~100 meters. We chose to burn two small patches given our time constraints and the prairie restoration with lots of fuel immediately to the north. Plus Douglas County Parks plans to burn the restoration and ditch within the next couple years.

After staging equipment and taking weather, we ignited a test fire in the NW corner of the western unit. Fire behavior looked good so we secured the western edge of the unit before igniting along the northern edge. Stuart did what he could with the drip torch but the burn was patchy and crept slowly. Light and discontinuous fuels made a thorough burn impossible but the Echinacea patches burned well so we moved on to the east unit.

Our procedure was identical for the eastern burn unit: test fire, secure western edge, ignite along northern edge, go back with drip torch to ignite unburned patches to the best of our ability. Fuels in the eastern unit were more continuous but also greener. The eastern unit of waa was also somewhat patchy but the patches of Echinacea experienced good fire and we had our eyes on additional burns…

Temperature: 69 F
Relative Humidity: 31 %
Wind Speed: 6-10 mph
Wind Direction: SE
Ignition time (west): 1:47 PM
End time (west): 2:00 PM
Ignition time (east): 2:08 PM
End time (east): 2:35 PM
Burn Crew: Jared, Stuart, Alex C., Trygg


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