burning mapp 2022

Upon completion of our waa burn on May 6, we ventured north to mapp. After a quick discussion, we decided to enlarge the unit by ~10 m to the west just in case there were any Echinacea plants lurking outside the area where plants have flowered in the past. Stuart ignited a test fire in the NW corner. We installed a wet line along the western edge of the unit and Stuart ignited along the north edge. We secured the eastern edge where fuels were a bit heavier and watched the interior of mapp burn slowly and patchily. The thin film of silt seemed to prevent litter from burning in spots. We tried igniting unburned patches in the interior but soon concluded it was not worth the effort. We were eyeing at least two more burns and wanted to move quickly. While packing up equipment, we noticed a large plume of smoke rising from Staffanson!

Temperature: 68 F
Relative Humidity: 31 %
Wind Speed: 11 mph
Wind Direction: SE
Ignition time: 2:45 PM
End time: 2:58 PM
Burn Crew: Jared, Stuart, Alex C., Trygg


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